29 September 2013

Wearing today:

"Parental Advisory" tee
LEVI'S 510 cutoffs

Autumn has only just begun ...SO excited... but you would think it was already Spring '14 by the looks of it. Fellow followers of fashion, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I may or may not have bought this tee literally moments after seeing it worn by his adorable little niece, Aila, at his Spring 2014 show earlier this month. This is going to sound crazy but this is not my first purchase influenced by this stylish 4 (yes, FOUR) year old ^^;;

Alex, I love you -you have to know that- but $995 for a sweatshirt? Don't get me wrong, it's cute, but hell no to that. Technically this label belongs to the RIAA, and for that reason I do not feel the least bit guilty for purchasing a much less expensive non-Wang option.

Found this tee for less than $25 including S&H. Kinda wish it had been screen printed and not DGP but at least I don't have to be as anal about washing and drying it. I may at some point consider creating that effect on my own, by painting over all the black portions with a glossy or matte black fabric paint.

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