15 October 2013

Dinner at Sola

Photos 1-4, 6, 8, and 10 taken by me, and photos 5, 7, and 9 taken by Linda K (& edited by me).

First night in Paris, had dinner with Linda at Sola, a wonderful Japanese/French fusion restaurant located in the 5th district. Eight courses and three hours of pure deliciousness! Arigatou gozaimasu to Chef Hiroki for creating this beautiful meal, and to the Sola staff for your first class service. I have never spent so much on one meal but it was worth every euro. I recommend making reservations at least a few days in advance, and requesting a table in the Japanese room.

* * *

Course 1
Scallops with shaved radish and citrus/vinegar flavors.

Course 2
Dehydrated khaki fruit, goose terrain, creme fraiche, and khaki fruit sauce. Served with bread.

Course 3
King crab, shaved + pickled carrots, dashi silky gelatin, carrot flowers with a side of carrot puree.  

Course 4
Squid, coronada, shallots, and onion cream.

Course 5
Brioche toast, white forest mushrooms, poached egg, and a light mushroom sauce.

Course 6
Cod, fish soup, shiitake mushrooms, and shaved radish.

Course 7
Squab and carmelized onions. 
* Will update once I find the correct spelling for the sauce it came in.

Course 8
Hazelnut butter, vanilla ice cream, cookie crumbles, and thin toasted biscuit. 
Two small pieces of chocolate ganache.

And, to drink, we had a biodynamic Pouilly-Fume by Alexandre Bain. 

* * *

12 rue de l'Hôtel  Colbert
Paris 75005

+33 09 65 01 73 68 (lunch) 
+33 01 43 29 59 04 (dinner)

Call or CLICK (lunch only) to reserve a table. 

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