04 November 2013

Closet overhaul

Thinking back on some of the gorgeous jackets I saw in Paris and London. In the end, as annoying as it was only having one bag and realizing that I had slightly over packed, it really did help me control my shopping addiction. I had to be extremely careful about what I bought. In the end my bank account is happy. Ok, not exactly happy but happier than it would have been had I checked a bag. Plus I have SO many things to get rid of before I bring in anything new. 

My original intention (3+ years ago) was to curate my wardrobe to great basics with just a few standout items. I got rid of a lot of things so I could start fresh. But I see that I went overboard, especially in the basics and thrifted items department, and find myself having way too many choices again. 

I am almost finished reorganizing my wardrobe and have filtered out the items I have not worn, or have not worn in ages. For the next few weeks I will be working at listing these items on eBay and Tictail. Hopefully you might find something you like.

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