07 January 2014

Jo Sho Restaurant

From top to bottom:
Tuna Tataki
Aji Tataki
Enoki with egg and tofu
Agedashi tofu
Gold-flecked Ikura
Chuu Toro, Salmon, Mackerel
Green Tea ice cream
*Also enjoyed but but not photographed: Sea Urchin, Sweet Shrimp, and Hamachi-kama

New York quality Japanese food at New Jersey prices. Service is friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming and laid back. I love that they don't waste anything. They deep fry the Aji bones and Ama-ebi heads for further enjoyment. Uncle Mike and Aunt Anna take us here whenever we visit them and it is always a delicious feast.

* * *

Jo Sho Restaurant
120 Cedar Grove Lane
Somerset, NJ 08873
(732) 469-8969

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