24 February 2014

Recent additions to my shoe collection. So far 2014 has been Year of the Shoe.. as in shoes I've wanted for ages - starting with the Joan pumps from Spring 2012.

RICK OWENS Spike leather boots
RICK OWENS calf hair basic wedges
ACNE Agate heels

That last pair is from Spring 2010, and I managed to get them new. Not pristinely new but close to it. They're what you'd expect from being in storage for over 4 years - some scratching on the bottom from being tried on but that's it. I didn't realize they came with detachable pom poms. Kinda weird but cute. I don't see myself using them but they're nice to have. It's actually pretty surreal that these are in my closet right now. I pinned them less than 2 weeks ago, had a brief Twitter exchange with a friend regarding & Other Stories' "inspired" version. After all that talk about them I decided to search eBay, not at all expecting to find them. And there they were. I was like "Oh s***." The seller had them up for $599 but I scored them for way less by making an offer.

There is another pair not included in this post, but that's because I already have them in black. Just click the link and imagine them in Burgundy.

I'm proud to say that I did not pay full price for any of these! With an Amazon gift credit and discount, I saved a whopping 94% on those Spike boots at MyHabit. They were already 80% off to begin with. Saved 50% on the wedges at Totokaelo, 53% on the Agate heels on eBay, and 50% on the burgundy boots also on eBay.

Yeah I know... I have a bit of a shoe obsession... 

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