03 March 2014

DRKSHDW Robot Neoblister jacket
DRKSHDW Kite dress

Scored both of these for 50% off at Acrimony. The jacket was a splurge even on sale but some things you just know you'll own forever. Maybe I haven't tried on enough jackets in my lifetime but this is the second most glorious piece of outerwear I have ever put on my body (tied for first being all 4 of the Comme des Garçons jackets I tried on in Paris / see HERE and HERE). And I tried on a lot of jackets on that trip, including RO's signature blistered leather jackets. I thought I might hold out for the main line version to pop up on eBay but the more I thought about it there is no way anyone is going to let go of something they spent that much money on and took the time to break in just right. I know I wouldn't. By luck I stumbled upon this more affordable, casual version. The DRKSHDW Robot has these beautifully rounded, padded, blistered leather shoulders - a bit less dramatic but still a m a z i n g ...bold but not "too much" for everyday. Plus who am I kidding, I cannot pull off peaked shoulders like some people. I'm too small and too much of a dweeb. And since it is waxed cotton I can wear it in the spring and even summer with a tank and not be blazing hot. Then in cooler months wear with a scarf and thinner layers underneath. I have to admit I was scared when clicking that Purchase Now button but the second I put it on all I could hear were angels singing and the sound of my own excited squeals. Three comforting words when it comes to not settling: cost per wear.

I am currently listing many of my unused items for low starting bids, some items new or barely used for over 50% off full retail, and some for starting bids of $5.00. Not only have I made a number of purchases lately but I just have way too many random items from years past. I want to get rid of everything while making a little something back. My ultimate goal is to have a wardrobe of only items I adore. CLICK to see what I have up so far. Check back often as I am listing new items every few days.

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