24 April 2014

Wearing today:

vintage skirt
ALEXANDER WANG Alek sandals 
MICHELLE CHIANG Crescent Moon necklace

Scored that necklace at Fab's first friends and family sale. It was an extra 25% off sitewide for a few days. 

Been a fan of MC for a long time. I'm such a sucker for baby animals and her elephant, penguin, and hedgehog pieces are especially cute. Her moon pieces are my favorite though, because they are the most versatile. Weird that it took me so long to buy this - her jewelry is affordable and I've been wanting this particular necklace for a while. I have certain things I spend a lot of money on and without much thought. Jewelry is not one of those things. I often find pieces I like but forget about right away. I have to really like it, not just for a second but for ages (even if I go a while forgetting that it exists), and be in the perfect mood to get it. I'm nowhere near this picky when it comes to costume jewelry but when it comes to handcrafted or fine jewelry I need to be sure that my love for it is not fleeting. Maybe part of it is that I was gifted a lot of jewelry growing up, so buying my own jewelry is not something I'm used to doing. I was on the site for a mustard yellow Moroccan pouf when I remembered how much I love her stuff and how her items are cheaper through Fab. It was surprising to find the necklace still in stock. The extra 25% was the push I needed. I saved 41% in the end, woohoo! 

It's sad to read articles on how much Fab is struggling. I've had nothing but great experiences with them. Some of my favorite and most frequently used purchases were made at Fab...which means A LOT considering how many purchases I make! My Language brass bar earrings, Obelisk concrete soap dish,  Yamamoto Industries cassette tape iPhone case (as seen in my outfit posts), and now my pouf and Michelle Chiang necklace. It's been on my neck pretty much since the day it arrived. As for the pouf, the first one did not arrive in the best condition but I was able to get it replaced with a perfect one , and very quickly, with the help of customer care. Most places don't send replacements until after the original item has made it back to the warehouse, but they were eager to get the next one out to me. It's been so nice putting my feet up after a hard night's work. Their customer care representatives really are the nicest people. I'm not sure what they have to do to make it but I really hope Fab stays in business. 

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