16 May 2014

New work shoes.

Scored them at Mustard Seed Boutique new with box for only $20.80. They are currently priced at $45 at Urban Outfitters , and $50 at Converse and Zappos. I spotted them last week, when picking up my consignment earnings, but chose not to get them that day. Not even a day later I discovered two ginormous holes in my work sneakers. Today I happened to be running an errand in the area, so I thought I'd stop by to see if they were still around. I walked in, blinders on, went straight to where I remember them being. There they were :) And here's the best part: on my way back to the cash register I noticed a sign that said EXTRA 20% OFF ALL SHOES. So, from $26 to $20.80.. an already great bargain to an even better one.  

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