30 July 2014


Tried this on at Colette last year and it is finally mine after months of stalking. I had basically given up hope that I would ever be able to afford it, even on sale, but then one of my favorite things happened- a promo code that would bring it down to a price I can manage. Got it from Linda Dresner via Farfetch for 60% off.

So now I have two items from Infinity of Tailoring. For those not familiar, this is on the tamer end of the spectrum believe it or not. The other jacket I have is a look off the runway and it's pretty crazy...like, bows in your face.. but this one, while also very special, is a lot more subdued. 2 bows on the front, one on each side, and 3 on the back. Such a dark navy it's hard to tell it from black. I believe they had this coat available in 3 colors- black, charcoal, and navy. I saw the charcoal one online and sorry but blechh. No. The one I tried on was navy and it looked awesome with what I had on that day. Plus I just really like navy! When it comes to items with interesting details I have to resist my urge to get it in black. Anyway this is the piece that forever changed my ideas of what I can pull off and I am proud to own it now.

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