29 August 2014

FUNNYTSHOP "Parental Advisory" tee
GAP 1969 high waisted skinny jeans
ZARA leopard print sandals

I know my facial expression isn't exactly selling this outfit, but it's the only photo of me in it and I don't care enough to recreate an outfit I wore last week just to have a better photo. Sorry bout it.

Despite that look on my face, it was a great day! Met my godmomma at Cheapside Cafe.. and one of my friends, a beverage genius and part-owner of said cafe, labeled my order ticket "camille parental advisory wowza".

Later on in the day I visited another friend at her workplace - a childrenswear boutique, where they sell overpriced kid's clothes, baby moccasins, and adorable stuff like this:

Had a great time with her but at the same time was constantly worried that an actual parent would walk in, see me in this shirt, and walk right back out. Thankfully that never ended up happening :)

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