20 September 2014

The City Flea: September 20th

After thinking about it for SO long, I finally made it to my first City Flea on this perfect September afternoon. Rory, a friend from school, started a temporary tattoo business called Ephemera and started selling at the August Flea. Then in August I started a new job at a photo studio, where I met this super cute stylist named Katelin. She told me she made jewelry on the side, her company name (Rock Salt Vintage), and happened to be wearing some of her pieces. I loved everything she had on.. so when she said she sold @ The City Flea I was like "Ok, now I have to go."  

I ended up getting some tattoos from Ephemera (more on that later!) and a great sweater from Sweet Dahlia Vintage. There was one Rock Salt Vintage piece I contemplated getting but then Katelin showed me the bracelet she was wearing, a prototype for her upcoming collection. I loved it so much I offered to buy it off of her right then and there, but all she could see were its faults.. so she said she'd work on perfecting the construction of it and get one to me eventually :)

I'm not really into shopping in person unless it's thrifting.. but this event has opened my eyes to local designers, plus it's only once a month for half of the year. It's a nice reason to get out, enjoy the weather, find unique and/or handcrafted items, and interact with other human beings.

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