11 October 2014

"Yard" sale


My Paypal Here card reader is on its way and I am about ready to have a major sale. I don't know if I should call it a yard sale since it will be conducted indoors and would only involve clothing, shoes, and accessories. I am SO ready to downsize my wardrobe, once and for all! And this is way less time-consuming than eBay, though I will continue working on listings. Here's what I'm thinking- Imma do this by appointment only. 1st degree friends at the moment, 2nd degree friends if accompanied by a 1st degree friend (or vouched for). Sorry for the inconvenience but safety is most important when inviting people into my personal space. If you are interested in seeing what I have to offer, direct message me on Facebook to set up a time. Sizes: XS-S with some M-L vintage items, US2-6 UK6-8 and IT38-40 in apparel, 25-26 in jeans, shoe sizes IT36.5-37 UK4-4.5 and US5.5-7.5. Availability: M-F after 7pm, Sat-Sun varies.

x Camille

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