29 January 2015

STYLIST: Gabrielle Vu
HAIR & MAKEUP: Hayley Covington
MODELS: Jessi Neidert, Madeline Palmer

For the longest time I wondered what goes on at a fashion/editorial shoot on the stylist end of things, but could not figure out how to make that happen. I felt like no one would want an inexperienced person like myself on their set, but realized that I'll never get experience if I don't put myself out there. So I asked a coworker/friend if I could accompany her on one of her photoshoots as she is often up to something. Not only did she have one coming up the following week, she let me assist! I got to tag along every step of the way, as well as have a little hand in the styling. I picked out the black fringed top used in the first two photos, the grey stone statement necklace used in the last two, and contributed a pair of gold-rimmed sunglasses to another look. Thanks, Gabby, for sharing your knowledge with me and for an amazing first experience ♥ 

These are just my behind-the-scenes shots, taken and edited on my phone. Photos by Andy Woodall coming soon~

PS - No problem if you want to use any of these images. All I ask is that you credit me. Thanks.

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