27 March 2015

Modern Makers { M A T E R I A L I S }

"Materials constrict the environment around us. Materials examines a variety of contexts in architecture, design, and art. From familiar to unusual applications, Materialis allows us to take a closer look at what this world is made of."  Source

target/line of sight (48" x 48" / modified eyeglasses in custom frame), Joe Girandola

Woman of Ohio (MDF wood and wood glue), Ruth Meyers

Lightweave (cardboard, polymer fiber, electroluminescent wire), Mary Kate Heinrich + Jim Sheal

Missed out on the reception (was having dinner with friends that night) but was able to stop by today and check out my friend's piece in the show (Crystalline, Chelsea Cutrell). The exhibition was put together by Modern Makers and held at the Niehoff Urban Studio. Chelsea told about a living plant jacket on display, but it was taken down right before I got there! Wahhh :(

Managed to get a few good photos. Sadly not one of my friend's. Too much going on in the background. Hers was really cool- a rabbit fur crown with crystals, and a cape with a geode print she created using a photo of her vast collection. She placed the crown on top of a geode, so it looked like a cracked skull with crystal brains. I am awaiting professionally done photos and will show you as soon as I get them~

There weren't any plaques next to any of the pieces. I have a sheet with the names and titles of each, and tried my best to match things up using the descriptions.. but it's hard for me to tell what two of the pieces were made of. If any of you can tell me the artists behind [photos] 2 and 5, that would be great.

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