12 April 2015


お花見 = ohanami = flower viewing. It's a Japanese spring tradition, where you picnic under sakura (cherry blossom) trees to celebrate the transience of flowers. Did ohanami for the first time ever today, with 2 of my best friends + a really good friend from work. Ran into several people I know. Such an awesome time. Dark things were said under these beautiful trees but you will never know what hahaha ^^;; Praying for beautiful weather next year!

Oh and did I mention? SO MANY CUTE KIDS! HALVSIES ERRRYWHRRR! One kid was obsessed with my parasol. All of a sudden I heard a BAM! hit my umbrella.. I thought someone had thrown something at me but when I turned around it was a little boy. Then when I held it away from him, he stuck his fingers in my hair. As his mom was trying to pull him away, I see this tiny little hand reaching for it past/over my head. So funny. Then there was this other one, who was intent on impressing us ladies. He even tried to push over a baby stroller to show off his strength! Then random little girls coming up to our blanket to stare at us very awkwardly. Too f***ing cute 

LANGUAGE earrings (barely visible)
vintage sunglasses, dress, bracelet, and belt
ZARA sandals (not pictured)

* * * 

Went back up about a couple hours later after all of the commotion died down. When I told my mom about the picnic, she insisted we go back up so I can take a photo of her standing next to a tree. She is such a weirdo hahaha...

***Note: Photo 2 taken by Jane F. Photo 5 taken by Chelsea C. Both edited by me.

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