21 April 2015

Home Away From Home

Not sure if you remember but I was there 2wks ago for a bachelorette thing. Went back this past weekend for the wedding, however, I did not end up attending due to unforeseen circumstances. It's ok, I still had a wonderful time just hanging out at home that evening. First time dog sitting, so that was a little nerve-wracking but fun and definitely informative. I WANT ONE! They are such good doggies. And their chinchilla's just the most laid back animal ever; he required zero care. But I can't. My apartment building doesn't allow pets :(

Got to see a bit more of STL. Soulard Market and the surrounding area was lovely. Visited my friends' hometown of Bellville. Pretty charming downtown area. Ate amazing ribs @ Pappy's...had a margarita that I actually liked (normally I find em nasty and way too sweet or way too strong)...tasted food I can only get there: toasted ravioli, gooey buttercake, St. Louis style pizza (+Provel), St. Louis-style BBQ ribs.... awwww yeahhhhhh. And got one friend to not hate scary movies as much anymore! Huzzah~ Did a lil shopping but not too much. It's so hard to believe that we were only there Thursday late afternoon until early afternoon on Sunday. It's like time passes differently in STL. Could it be the gaining of one hour? I don't know.

Oh yeah! The highlight of the entire thing.. believe it or not.. was learning how to longboard (skateboard)~ I have been wanting to learn how since Fall 2013 (trip to Europe, all that stupid walking everywhere because I couldn't rent a bike) and I am so glad I finally did. I was pulled along on a bike then was able to do it by myself the day after. Thanks Nate. Crossed one thing off of my bucket list 

This trip was an eye-opening experience in many ways. I will never forget the love I felt all weekend. It is so rare to meet people this wonderful and to feel so close right away. Hopefully I'll be back soon, or that they'll find the time and desire to come hang out in my neck of the woods.

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