05 May 2015

St. Louis (Yes, AGAIN.)

ZARA paisley scarf
H&M [men's] slub/linen tee
FOREVER 21 jeans
vintage leather backpack
ALDO curved spike earrings
WWAKE brass bracelet
old bracelet bought at some Blues festival many years ago

YET ANOTHER trip to St. Louis. Well, certain circumstances brought me back. This time, my mom came with me! We made it into an early Mother's Day trip. It was so fun to show her places I've fallen in love with and introduce her to the cool people I have been so blessed to become buds with in the past month.

We were there for just 2 days. Spent the first day in the O'Fallon area. Surprised Elliott with my presence in probably the weirdest (= "Me") way possible. No joke, I walked right into the house. Their dog, Saki, is the worst guard dog ever haha.. but it was the sweetest greeting :)

Second day, took mom into St. Louis. We spent the afternoon in The Loop / Delmar Boulevard area. SO COOL. If I wasn't already enough in love with this city, I AM NOW! Found lots of cute goodies, and had a great visit to Iron Age Studio.. the main reason I wanted to go down there. My artist is friends with the owner, so I just wanted to check it out and hopefully meet him. Sadly he isn't there on weekends, but I ended up meeting 3 really neat guys - including artist Justin Lamoreux.

Top 2 highlights. One, of course, was getting to see my new friends once again. It's so sad we aren't closer in geographic location! Oh well maybe it's best this way, that way we appreciate the little doses of time we have. Mr. Sheep certainly enjoyed whatever time he was able to spend with his first/new boyfriend, Throbbie :) But the other.. oh man, was meeting designer Brandin Vaughn at Create Space. I was browsing his designs and eyeing this sweet, ripped, bleached denim dress he made when he approached me. It was this sudden "Oh hey, I'm the designer!" I tried it on a small but sadly it did not fit, but he offered to cut me another, so now it's made and on the way to me soon! Will definitely post about it later. Anyway the real point of that story was that, thanks to that encounter, we are now in touch and there's a chance of a work opportunity out there! Hi-yah!!!!!! *Roundhouse kick*

Note: 1st photo was taken before leaving. Those are some masks I painted as gifts. And the last two are after getting back and show a couple of my fabulous Delmar Blvd finds~

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