19 June 2015

Birthday Feelz

La Camille | HELMUT LANG dress, ALEXANDER WANG Alek sandals and Diego bucket bag | Continuum | Salazar

Oh it was baller. I'll never forget this wonderful day!

Great last work day (I'm moving on to another job, something equally if not more creative). The story of how it happened will blow your mind, but more on that later! Birthday/after-work drinks @ The Rookwood . My friend Jermey made me a really great cocktail and named it La Camille (hibiscus flower soaked in honey, champagne, hop water instead of rose, mint). Cousin Edrian (who I had over for a few days after 15 years of apart status) and my man came down , swung by to pick me up, and we had a bombdig dinner at Salazar. After that, went back up to Mt.Adams to pick up my car and were just in time for the Friday night fireworks at the stadium. So we sat at the parking lot of The Celestial and basked in the light (+ the next day, found out my best friend in the world was AT that same baseball game). Then yeah came home and just chilled n drank with my cousin. Reminisced on memories and FFVII and had some really great philosophical discussion and cousin bonding time. Including showing him a classic - Big Trouble in Little China . His first time ever, and it's been years for me.. so both of us were coming at it with fresh eyes and very curious brains.

Some people get really weird about aging. I, on the other hand, feel like this is just the beginning...

PS - Phone's been taking some super glitchy photos from time to time lately. Normally I'd be scared or upset but I'm really loving some of these random images I'm finding when I open Photos!

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