10 June 2015

Louisville, KY

Visited this fine city (first time ever!) last Wed-Thu.

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A very good friend of mine freelances down there and she invited me to hang out with her :) Took only a split second to say "Hellz yeah!!!!" 

Was such a nice drive to/from. Not so much from (traffic jam) but yeah. Had on some Brandy, Rustie, HudMo, Ango, Kaytranada.... The key to maintaining sanity on a road trip of any length is excellent music! Though I almost lost my sh*t because of that traffic jam ^_^;

After meeting up with her, we wandered around and spent the evening on Market Street. Bought some delicious and beautiful looking wine at Taste Fine Wine & Bourbons, had awesome conversation with the owner and got a lil tour of the place. He showed us their outdoor seating area, where there was a foundation and a gnarly tree worthy of being a kami (=Shinto god). All that was missing were the ropes tied around it. Had gelato + bought chocolate at Ghyslain, ate dinner at Mayan Cafe where we had the funnest waiter ever, and had an after-dinner drink at Garage Bar. She had to go back (early day the next day) but I went to Meta, where I had delicious cocktails and met super cool people. One of whom cooked with/is friends with a girl whose mom I worked with many, many moons ago! How crazy is that?! And had real talk with a jolly hair stylist who does house calls. The next day I spent the morning texting, FB chatting, tweeting, eating my Mayan Cafe leftovers, and drinking delicious coffee at Quill's. Left early in the afternoon because I had some work shopping to do.

I really felt like I was living there, and those are always the best trips. And again, it didn't really feel like I was just there for a day. 

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