02 June 2015

May 23-24: Chicago

Oh man, can words properly describe the awesomeness that was this trip? Barely 2 days total, but I tell ya it was like I was here for at least 3 or 4 with how full each day felt. I've been to this city several times but this was by far THE best time I've ever had up there.







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Stayed with the loveliest man. A good friend of mine put me in touch with him. Pretty touched that he would let me stay without knowing me first. Isn't that the best? Met cool people in the most random of ways. Encountered and had fun with many, made friends with 3 seriously intelligent, sincere, talented individuals. We all love life, music, food, quality ..so of course we exchanged contact info and are in touch. That is what life should be about!

Ok so the MAIN reason I came up was to see Hudson Mohawke at Chop Shop / 1st Ward. While it was definitely a shock to find that his set started at midnight, that was fine (for me at least) since I'm a night owl. Plus I met some friends as we waited for HM to come set the room on fire. Turns out they're from Indianapolis and she has a friend who lives near me! What are the odds?! I forgot to give her my card though, but how funny would it be if we ran into each other on the street. Anyway, HudMo started and well... *panties drop* hahahaha. AHHHHH it was so good. Never danced so much in my hot damn life! And got to very briefly meet AND hug the man whose music I love so much! He may not know it but ..uh-huh... he is now my boo~

Oh and believe it or not, I did not buy anything while I was up there. Just ate and drank to my heart's content :)   

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