01 June 2015


Took my BFF Yuko out for birthday dinner the other night. Was torn between a couple places, one I have been and one I haven't ... SO glad I chose the latter! Can't believe it took so long to finally try it after all the good reviews I'd heard from food/hospitality-industry friends. Loved every second, every sip, every bite. ***Details can be found in previous post or via my Instagram.

... Oh and sorry for my overuse of the Reyes filter. Lighting wasn't ideal and/or not enough white.

Not only was it a absolutely kick-ass dinner, we had a fun encounter with a shop owner thanks to our confusion on parking ("Uh do you think we can park here?" "I think so..? I don't know!" "Let's check... please walk over there and read the sign." "YES you can park there. Those spots are free rein after 6!" "Wooohooooo! Wait, so who are you and what is this place?!") which resulted in going in for a quick second for a lil peek at this awesome new boutique I had no idea existed! More on that later :)

* * *

1401 Republic Street
Cincinnati, OH

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