03 July 2015

June 13-15, 2015: Chicago

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Oh, Chicago. Crazy in the best way possible. Got a job offer on the Megabus + made a friend on the way up. Stayed at a great hotel, Thompson Chicago. Set a personal record as far as staying out late for a show (past 5 am). SUCH an energetic, fun show at Primary! Got to meet, talk to, hug, and toast a beer with Rustie- the producer whose show I specifically went up to see. He is the second Glaswegian to keep me up for 24 hours straight. Boo #2 status.. or more like Boo #1.01. Hudson Mohawke remains #1 haha. No worries , boobooz, there's enough room in this heart for all of you! I am now a fan of Rustie's girlfriend, Maya aka Nightwave, who opened for him to my [very pleasant] surprise. The 3 of us make a super tiny trio! Had a couple let-downs on the last day (relied on the wrong people) but they were all a learning experience. Didn't let those things stop me or ruin my good time. Had delicious food, met really good people in the most random of ways (i.e. finding their house pretty and asking if I could take a little rest on their front steps), and was able to get a room at that same hotel at the very last second at less than half price. Ended up leaving the morning after originally planned. But yeah, rewinding just a little bit... the food! I could seriously get used to every meal being awesome.

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