24 August 2015

Chicago: August 7-10, 2015






Yup. I'm gonna say that Chicago is my second hometown. As usual, met cool people and ate great food. Mr. Sheep was SO excited, he had his little nose pressed up against the window as we arrived! (Thanks for photobombing my shot of the city... silly sheep.)

Came up for a movie premier. Hoped it would lead to a job but it didn't quite pan out. It's all good though, better to figure that out sooner rather than later. 

Freelancing is fun but weird. It's about keeping one's eyes and ears open for signs both positive and negative. I am sorta just starting out, so t's hard not jumping at every "opportunity" or taking people at their word. You know what I mean? In the end this was a valuable learning experience and I still had a great weekend.

Used the time to get to know people (people I've seen the last few times) better, make some new pals, and best of all revive an old passion of mine for fine arts photography. About puked at my barstool after biting into a VERY spicy pickled jalapeño hahaha. Got to attend a birthday party at a 3D printing space. Left this city with fresh eyes, a new sense of purpose, a delicious lunch sandwich from Arbor, and a 3D printed brain bottle opener. I know that sounds super cheesy but seriously. Every time I go up I come home feeling different - in a good way! Like, reinvented. 

Oh and hopefully very good news to come soon. My best friend is interviewing for a job up there. Keeping my fingers crossed for her! I'll miss her >_< but this is the type of job she's been wanting, it's with a highly regarded accounting firm, and of all places it's in my favorite city. Events are great and all but visiting my sister from another mister ? Nothing even compares :) 

S/O to Simon, Louis, Jillian, Mark, and James @ Thompson Chicago, Chef Jason @ Izakaya Momotaro, Stephen, Abby, and Travis!

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