29 September 2015

Beautiful Things

TOTOKAELO "Thank You" card
Rutilated Quartz

I don't know what Totokaelo's thank you cards are looking like these days ...been a while since I last ordered anything from them... but I couldn't help but keep these around. They're on display in my workspace. I love when sunlight comes in and bounces off of the glass jug I have sitting right next to it. 

Found this great piece of quartz at one of my favorite stores in the city, Left Coast Modern. LCM is actually a mid-century home furnishings store. He just randomly had this beautiful stone! It was love at first sight. It's palm sized, so, pretty big! It's cut at some neat angles and comes to a point at the top. Also in my workspace and especially lovely when light shines through it. Even on a hazy day it sort of glows ^_^

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